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Why do internships play a vital role in an MBA program?
  • October 5, 2023
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Why do internships play a vital role in an MBA program?

It is common for MBA graduates to think about the good package and long-term employment opportunities. However, it is possible when you have the required skills to achieve the demand in the business or companies. For that today top business schools in Tamil Nadu assist the students to see the preview of how business works through internship programs. Let’s discuss the importance of internships in detail.

Importance of Internships in MBA Program:

The top 10 MBA colleges in Tamil Nadu under TANCET allow and keep mandatory to perform internships in their two-year degree courses. It actually helps to assess their theories and build social skills and knowledge to survive in real-world settings.

Exposure to the real world:

Today’s job market gives priority to how well students can manage their work atmosphere and if there are any records of working under any internship programs rather than passing the exams with high scores.

The MBA degree is required to know how well you develop your skills and abilities to work under pressure and also implement your knowledge. Thus, an internship is a key for the students to reveal and gain real-life exposure, grow knowledge and understand their key areas of interest.

It gives first-hand experience and the ability to decide the job title you choose to work for. Thus, colleges prefer internship programs to motivate students to learn and acquire the skills for future workplaces.

Critical networking connections:

Internships help to establish yourself with various experts, marketers and business leaders. This connection helps in your professional career. It means that networking in exchange of information always has an opportunity to move forward in your career.

Internships create an experiential learning opportunity where students can have a chance to build connections before they graduate. Sometimes, it gives a great choice to end up acquiring a full-time job.

The more individuals you meet during your internship with similar interests, the higher your opportunities to develop as an expert. You will get to know how these individuals work, what procedures they use to handle a tough spot, and how they take care of business.


Whatever field you choose to study in an MBA program, the more you explore, the more you discover. You will understand the pros and cons associated with the industries or field you are pursuing.

Internships give a chance to acknowledge the depth of the field and also your interest, effort to achieve in this field can be identified. There are high future career prospects where your internship company may offer full-time based on your performance and your involvement in the work.

Understand the roles of managing:

However, managerial skills are the base for the MBA graduates however, as technology grows it is necessary for graduates to understand how business grows along with the techs.

Company demands that employees should have good business and technical knowledge. Internships give a space to know how good you are at work, ethics, be a team player, how collaborative in working with the teams, work under pressure and the importance of deadline matters.

Competitive edge:

It means, everyone knows how competitive the market is and there are a number of MBA graduates applying for the same role as you. To have a competitive edge, internships are a plus where you can gain experience and develop todays in demand skill to stay ahead of other candidates.

Internships give a clear idea and clarity about the employer’s requirement to work in the company and you are able to analyze, evaluate and decide whether you are a good fit for the role or organization.

Resume speaks for you:

Internships from the top companies who recruit for temporary positions or replacements for the summer vacations, there are great chances to hire you. Thus, it is a great chance to secure your dream job and you are also able to understand whether you’re a perfect fit for their work culture. Even if it is for a certain period, you are able to get the experience and prepare a resume which holds advantages after your graduation.

Gain confidence:

You gain confidence through internships. As an intern, you need to work or may be involved in the project team and explore the new business setting. This helps to boost your confidence and you don’t feel anxious or unconfident when you go to a job interview since you know you have the knowledge, experience, motivation, and confidence to succeed. Internships help you develop the correct mentality, which is extremely useful in the business world.


Internships are the best way to work closely with the professional experts in your area and be able to gain knowledge, skills and experience relevant to your career aspirations. In short, your internship leaves you with the benefits of acquiring big networking connections, and great mentors who can refer you for a job position if you exceed their expectations. Thus, the best MBA colleges in Sivakasi are ensuring their students are able to see the realities of the working world and how to become competitive in their field. The priceless knowledge gained from internships paves the route for prosperous futures, enabling students to make wise decisions and start fulfilling jobs.