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An MBA at SKIMT is the gateway to infinite opportunities.

SKIMT offers a two-year full-time MBA course that is expansive in scope with industry-integrated learning and a sharp focus on communications skills.

Dynamic Classrooms, Active Learning:

The curriculum is on par with premier institutes across the country. The classroom sessions are dynamic, and follow the principles of ACTIVE LEARNING, where students learn not just through lectures, but experience as well.

Direct marketing experience, corporate consultancy projects, value-added programmes linked to the industry, life skills development, and community-centric activities all run in parallel to the rigorous two-year course.


India is a land of entrepreneurship. At SKIMT, this aspect of our genes is nurtured and encouraged. Through real-time exercises, direct sales assignments, and lie conversations with leading businessmen and members of the Sri Kaliswari Trust, the students can channelise their instincts for business.

Vibrant Community:

The student community at SKIMT is vibrant, activity-oriented and welcoming. Regardless of where you are from, you will feel at home at SKIMT.

The teachers and lecturers interact with students through large classrooms, small group sessions, one-on-one coaching, and more, to form a unique bond in which learning and fun travel in both directions! In short, the teachers don’t just teach. They collaborate.