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The Best ways to find the right internship for you in 2024
  • January 31, 2024
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The Best ways to find the right internship for you in 2024

MBA internships provide a diverse and in-depth experience for graduates. Some may have the idea of searching for internships based on the salary offer however there are other aspects like whether you can fit for the company, roles and responsibilities of MBA interns. The top B schools in Sivakasi encourage their students to apply for internships at the end of the second year of MBA specializations. It benefits your future career and gives you a great chance to continue as a permanent employee after the internship period in the company. However, you need to discover the right internship program that take you to the next step in your career. In this article, discover the tips and different ways to get into the right internship programs.

Types of internships available:

Various MBA programs offered by top business schools simplify the internship process and lead to high-paying jobs.

  • Consulting companies
  • Tech startups
  • Start-ups providing financial services and consultancy
  • Big IT corporations and large consulting firms

MBA internships are available for every candidate who chooses to explore academic skills in practical and get to know real-field experience before they decide.

Tips to get into the right internship programs:

  • Start with the research if there are any workshops offered in the MBA department. Since there are business schools that will provide the idea of where you can benefit or that provide what you need to do on your own.
  • The on-campus opportunities will get you in direct contact with the career departments. You need to prepare the on-campus recruitment process from preparing resumes to attending interviews.
  • The second is getting MBA internships on your own. There are platforms available where it displays the need for internships. You can contact the company directly and go through the interview process.
  • Seeking internships provides invaluable experience to the students as they get the opportunity to interact with employers, understand the complete process of recruitment, and give them hands-on experience.
  • It is necessary to converse with the recruiters once you decide on the industry you choose to work in and complete your proactive search.
  • Graduates need to be equipped with clear skill sets to work in the organizations that recruiters search for. However, internships help graduates to understand the expectations of employers and job requirements.
  • Networking is an essential skill that you can develop when you enter into an organization as an intern. Engaging with professionals allows interns to learn effective application techniques such as creating compelling CVs or understanding the possible questions that can be asked in an interview.
  • Networking may also teach you about an organization’s culture, especially how decisions are made, how teams work together, and the hierarchical structure.
  • Making connections with people in the industry or company can be quite helpful in determining whether it’s a good fit. It allows you to gather information from a variety of sources to gain a better understanding of what an internship at a specific company involves.
  • You will have more time and knowledge to assist you in making decisions if you begin networking early in your MBA program.
  • Career services offices assist students in identifying their career aspirations by providing courses and evaluation tools. In addition, students must conduct their research by determining what skills they wish to develop both currently and along their career path.
  • Finding mentors and guidance is a crucial step in developing relationships. A mentor or career counsellor is a person who can provide guidance and let you understand which career is fit for you.
  • Consider whether you will likely gain anything significant from this experience and whether this internship seems to meet your professional goals. A company might not be an appropriate match if its communication style and culture don’t meet your standards. You want to work for an organization which values interns and will take good care of you.


The advice is not to search for the best type of MBA internships. Consider your career goals, workplace ethics, and corporate expectations which will help to create a mindset to find the best internship programs for your professional growth. Even best mba courses in sivakasi may not have suitable internship programs and it is okay to start building your roadmap for your career. To summarize the tips on getting the right MBA internship,

  • Open to opportunities which provide the experience to begin your career.
  • Apply to on-campus events and get the chance to meet corporate representatives.
  • Seek advice from the alumni, and professors of your field in preferring the internships.
  • Keep in touch with previous coworkers to get help in finding an internship or employment.
  • Discover students who are currently finishing an internship in the industry you’d like to work in and approach them for their advice.