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SEVEN ways to improve your time management skills for management students
  • December 29, 2023
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SEVEN ways to improve your time management skills for management students

Today’s business requires effective time management skills to complete tasks in the assigned time. Smart planning, scheduling, and prioritizing the tasks based on the requirements help in escaping from last-minute stress and frustration. Good time management skills are essential for even small business people and it makes students of the best b schools in Sivakasi focus on how to manage the different jobs and complete them within the given time limits. This article gives tips for management students to improve their time management skills and increase productivity which keeps stay cool and collected.

SEVEN Ways to Improve Time Management Skills:

How efficiently you use and control your time to maximise productivity and get the work done in less time defines time management skills. What is the gain from keeping this in practice?

  • Improve your quality of work
  • Reduce stress
  • Work on strategic and creative projects
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Increase your self-confidence

Here are some of the tips you may implement in your daily routine.

Say no to multi-tasking ideas:

There is a common misconception that one may multitask while still being productive and equally focused on each work. Research indicates that multitasking reduces productivity since it requires us to divide our attention instead of focusing on one activity at a time. Select the most crucial task, focus until it is finished, and then move on to the next. You’ll discover that you do more and obtain superior outcomes.

Do prioritize the tasks:

It might be hard to figure out where to start if you have a long list of tasks to do. Which tasks do you tackle first, the bigger ones or the little ones that you can finish quickly? To solve the problem, adopt a new perspective. Ask yourself if a task is essential alternatively. Is it the two? It will be a lot simpler for you to know where to start and ensure that deadlines are reached if you split up your work in this way.

It is okay to take a break:

Without a break, our minds can only concentrate fully for approximately half an hour, after which they become increasingly less productive. Maintain intense concentration for a short duration of time, take a five to ten-minute break, and then return to your work.

Create a calendar:

Once you know the timetable for this semester, then prepare a calendar to make a note of all essential dates. For instance, when you know the semester dates, prepare when you need to study and assess. This way you can get time to learn and also complete any assignments, if available. Even the best MBA schools for marketing have the approach to submit assignments, research and self-learning papers for important papers or reviews of lectures and seminars. Students can set up a time for each task to complete the assigned one which helps them to concentrate on studying and enjoy their ME time.

The reason behind procrastination:

Now mobile phones and gadgets occupy most of the space in your days and nights and easy for students to be distracted from prioritizing tasks. There are also other distractions where you need to identify the reason behind procrastinating and cut the distraction in your daily routine. It is not the same for all, as some may have the habit of scrolling social media for hours or playing mobile games. It is your responsibility to search and try to escape from these distractions.

To-do lists:

Sometimes it may seem silly to set goals. However, it is one kind of motivation which enhances your ability to concentrate on achieving real tasks. It can be anything or time limits, for instance, complete the reading of the book within this week, mission to complete any assignments or assessments. Once you set the goals, write down how you’re going to achieve them and enjoy crossing the tasks from your to-do lists.

Follow the sleep routine:

Make sure you get enough rest. As a student, you may find it tempting to stay up late studying for your final exam. However, research indicates that stress is bad for learning. Getting the sleep you require will enable you to study more effectively the following day and feel completely refreshed and focused for the test.


Once you get control of managing your own time, then you can accomplish more as planned. It is always either planning your time that leads to success or blaming that time is not enough. Thus, top MBA colleges in Tamil Nadu encourage you to complete the tasks or projects within the time limit and they also get practice to how to manage time and stay away from stress. In today’s business world, one of the soft skills that recruiters consider is time management skills. Hope, the above-mentioned tips and tricks help you to keep control in time and let you reach success and feel accomplished.