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Understanding financial literacy and personal money management skills
  • November 24, 2023
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Understanding financial literacy and personal money management skills

Financial literacy is required for the business or one who chooses to establish their own company. Handling finance professionally or personally is critical, enabling them to plan, allocate resources for the future, and manage money efficiently. Mastering the skill and applying it to business or personal finance is significant even the MBA finance colleges in Tamil Nadu help in learning these concepts which are essential to running the business. An entrepreneur or professional who chooses finance as their career needs these fundamental concepts. In this article, we compile a list of financial literacy and the importance and benefits of developing money management skills in your life.

Let’s begin with the financial literacy definition.

Improve financial literacy where you need to know how to make financial planning, concepts of compound interest, debt management, investment strategies and time value. These financial literacy concepts and principles provides the knowledge about the fundamental of money management, creating financial objectives and handling challenges in both business and personal life.

Did you ever think about what if you don’t have financial literacy skills? It leads to poor financial choices that have negative impacts on the individual’s well-being.

The importance of financial literacy:

  1. Preventing from making mistakes: It means there are chances where an individual takes loans for different interest rates each month which has a negative impact. This financial decision may cost individual costs or impact actual life plans. Financial literacy helps to avoid making such mistakes and also directs towards the better personal and financial decisions.
  2. Prepares individuals for emergencies: Financial literacy lets you plan and separate amounts for savings which helps in emergency scenarios. This helps individuals to prepare for the unfortunate which includes unexpected expenses, losing a job or any other health issues. Thus, financial literacy helps in advancing your actions with savings.
  3. Reaching goals: Financial literacy helps you understand how to budget and save money. This is for the individuals where they plan, set goals, maintain the finances and are able to achieve the goals. Even some may have a dream to grow financially but if you don’t have financial literacy, then you may not be able to afford a dream.
  4. Invokes confidence: When you know how to manage your finances even if you end up in an undesirable scenario, then you make a great difference. It gives the confidence to improve one’s individual life otherwise you may negatively be influenced by unforeseen events.

What are the fundamental elements of financial literacy?

Financial literacy includes various factors which allow individuals to gain knowledge and effective money management skills. 

  • Budgeting is the primary factor when it comes to financial literacy. You choose a budget in four scenarios spending, investing, saving and giving away.  You need to prepare your own budget based on your balance, allocate the income, and requirements. This helps to feel financially safe and wealthy. In general, budgeting includes paying all existing debts and remaining for saving and investment plans.
  • Do you have any investment plans? It is common for financial experts to explain the concepts of how to invest and see the returns for long-term or short term. Therefore, financial literacy helps to look at how to pick the investment plans for their budget. It means favourable investments that include interest rates, price levels, diversification, and other risk factors in investments. These concepts are more suitable for personal investments, making smarter financial decisions and seeing the outcomes of an increased inflow of income.
  • It is common that every individual at some point in life decides to borrow money. You need to consider the factors before borrowing that includes understanding interest rates, time value, payment period and loan structure. It is better to look the borrowing guidelines which helps in reducing the long-term financial stress
  • You need to understand the knowledge of taxation where it has a greater impact on individual income. Even if it is employment, investment, rental or inheritance, each source of income needs to be taxed in different ways. However, financial literacy lets you be aware of the income tax rates and increase financial performance.

It is necessary for the students to learn about personal financial management. It includes a mix of every point mentioned above from budgeting to savings.

To conclude, financial literacy and how you manage your money are essential which helps individuals to measure progress and specific achievements. Financial literacy lowers operating costs, increases understanding of how money works, and identifies financial factors which influence personal or business incomes and investments. It also assists in knowing about potential investment opportunities. The top mba finance colleges in tamilnadu understand the opportunities, risks and rewards while making investment plans and ensure you do the necessary research to enhance your financial skills.