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AI and machine learning: Transforming business strategy in the MBA world
  • November 9, 2023
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AI and machine learning: Transforming business strategy in the MBA world

Artificial intelligence is creating a buzz in every industry and the discovery of these new applications actually paves the way to reshaping the world. AI in management is now becoming common as it already prevails in the manufacturing and construction field. It is predicted that AI will bring change and evolution in the business landscape too. And business managers are now looking for AI applications and smart technologies that aid company operations. This drastic change and potential of artificial intelligence gives a new prospect, a better medium for business in the future. Therefore, in today’s best business school in Tamil Nadu, the graduates need to understand the concepts of where AI is going to be the future in the business world. Let’s discuss the AI revolution in business.

AI Advancements in Transforming Business:

Sort language barrier:

It means, now businesses across various countries or foreign clients may feel challenged to communicate and the chances of misinterpretation of language are possible. Companies may find challenges in,
  • Meetings and conference calls
  • Errors and huge mistakes across supply-chain
  • Email communication
This is fixed as new AI development on National Language Processing. It provides the machines with the ability to comprehend, listen, and read various human languages.

Marketing field:

Now, the digital marketing field is growing rapidly and the functions of marketers in reaching the right customers on the right medium with the right content approach can be challenging. It means the marketers need to streamline the process, acknowledging the customer tone and establishing a brand. The involvement of AI in cutting off the marketing process that includes, automating the content for email marketing, predictive analysis of data, and making informed decisions in marketing strategies. This intervention of artificial intelligence in marketing is changing the marketer’s position in business and discovering the refined answers to users’ search intent.

Talent sourcing:

The recruitment process becomes easier with the help of AI applications. The recruitment process involves
  • Posting a job ad online
  • Reviewing candidate applications
  • Conducting interviews
There are screening tools that read job descriptions and suggest candidates based on your requirements and qualifications. Companies began to use AI-enabled recruitment and talent-sourcing solutions that filter skilled applicants rapidly and effectively.
Chatbots also help recruiters with the hiring process by asking relevant questions based on the skills and experience so that managers can filter the candidates from the applications.
Businesses can find this process easy where you can discover the qualified candidates and stop the applications from being forced or receive response from an application.

Decision making:

Usually, businesses need to analyze the data from various sources before making any business decisions. It can be inaccurate, time consuming and futile efforts when the right data are not analyzed. This is fixed with the AI and ML technologies where it allows businesses to form a data analytics team where they can collect, analyze, evaluate and decide. In short, AI helps business with,
  • Identifying trends
  • Prediction of future results
  • Recommend action plan
It is quite useful when compared to manual data analyzing techniques. Thus, MBA in data analytics programs getting higher attention from the graduates can learn how AI predicts patterns of consumer behavior data and directs the business to increase the profits

Customer relationship management:

Now various software applications like Zoho, salesforce require manual work in updating and maintaining the business data. Whereas artificial intelligence provides a platform of self-updating, auto-correcting systems to manage and maintain the better relationship within the business. The customer relationship management platform from AI provides the insights like,
  • Sales trends
  • Metrics
  • Statistics
  • Recorded meetings
  • Revenue
  • Deal lifecycles
  • Datasets
  • Contextualized prompts
  • Email suggestions
Businesses can utilize these technologies in promoting their products and be able to reach the customer, analyse the requirements, informed decisions are possible with.

Supply chain:

Businesses have embraced AI in recent years for various functions like,
  • Inventory management
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Dynamic logistic systems
  • Real-time delivery controls
This is where business takes advantage and it is now easy to automate the various management functions and limit the manual resources. This promotes safer working conditions, also ensuring planning, improved demand forecasting, productivity, low supply chain costs and greater production.
The experts are confirming that AI-supported supply chain management will transform the sector and allow the management team of the split network to handle inventories in a reliable and smart manner.


As always, technological advancements have a huge influence in every sector including business functions and strategies. All the repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be reduced to seconds with automation. Therefore, MBA data analytics colleges in Sivakasi are required to implement the knowledge and future demand of automation and its assistance in business operations. This will help the graduates to be aware, and comprehend the business environment evolution. And graduates who aspire to become entrepreneurs can have the chance to open new startups and applications which give structure to consumerism and services.