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5 P’s of Marketing: How To Make an Effective Marketing Strategy?
  • December 29, 2023
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5 P’s of Marketing: How To Make an Effective Marketing Strategy?

Marketing strategies are necessary for successful brands. And the growth of digitalization has a huge impact on establishing online business. However, creating strategies for the business is never going to change. Based on business, marketing strategies differ and there are various aspects to consider. Though, you may learn these concepts in your master’s degree in the best MBA colleges in Sivakasi, here you can discover the 5Ps of marketing strategies which you can relate it to in real-time business.

What are the 5Ps of marketing? Why does it matter?

The 5Ps of marketing is one of the significant techniques that helps in creating customized marketing strategies for business. The 5Ps of marketing are Product, Place, Price, Promotion and People. This will let you learn and be aware of which areas of your business require improvement, what target market, adds value and how unique your business is compared to competitors.

Definition of the 5Ps of marketing:

The objective of marketing is to let the business use a combination of strategies that allows the audience to shop or attract new customers with the brand name. The best MBA schools for marketing provide highlights of the role of the marketer in the business in the creation of new strategies that significantly increase the profits of the business. Let’s discuss the fundamentals of the 5Ps that every marketer should know.


Whatever product or service satisfies the needs of customers. As a marketer, you need to convey to the audience about the product details and how it differs from competitors. Therefore, while showcasing the products you have to be clear and specific with the benefits and offerings. The query you should ask to highlight the product is,

  • What is your product?
  • Is your product suitable for today’s market?
  • What is the unique selling point of business?
  • Does your product offer a better benefit than the rival?

Branding is necessary for the role in this segment for the marketing mix among the different elements like packaging, branding, design quality, features, and benefits.


How do customers find you either on a physical platform or online? Place of how customers can shop your product or service. The elements of this approach include distribution channels, logistics, and market coverage.

Marketers need to design the strategy based on the business. It means whether it is standalone in the market and examined with the other providers offering similar services. It is essential to consider whether your product is appropriate for the current market.

The query you should determine when considering the location is,

  • What is the location of your audience?
  • Is your product available on both online and offline platforms?
  • Does your business establish on eCommerce sites?

The key point is how the company fulfils the orders and works on inventory management, shipping options for your product and availability for the customers in need.


It is a significant factor to decide once you launch your product where you need to determine the cost of goods, discounts, promotional offers and pricing strategy. Here the marketer’s role is to set the price which reflects the value of the product and is suitable for the business’s profit goals. Usually, the start-up business uses a penetration pricing strategy which means setting the price at a low cost to gain market attention and attract customers who first look at the price tags before shopping. Here, are some of the questions you may require to know.

  • Does the price match with the quality?
  • What is the price of the same product in the marketplace?
  • Does your product yield enough profits to continue in the market?
  • How do you create strategies based on the place? Promotional offers/ extra add-ons for the products.

The key point is that the best price value should benefit both the customers and the company which helps the business to grow rapidly.


When you decide to do business, but your target customers are unaware of your services or product, then your effort is futile. These promotion tactics include advertising, sales promotions, public relations, telemarketing and digital marketing. The main objective of promotion activities is to create awareness and drive the interest of customers to persuade them to shop. The query you should be concerned when it comes to promoting the business is,

  • What is the promotion strategy for your competitors?
  • Do your promotional messages attract customers to shop for your product?
  • Which platform are you going to promote your brand on? Offline/online.


This strategy requires individuals to complete the tasks which are involved in the production, distribution and consumption of the product or services. This includes employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. This is important for you to keep a good relationship between the company and clients or customers. The important factors when you need to understand your customers are demographics, geographics, customer interest and behaviour. Along with that behaviour keeps the right people in the right position if not, there are high chances of negative reactions. Otherwise business may fail to grow.

Hope, above-these 5Ps let you understand the importance of marketing when it comes to launching a new business.