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Top industries and job roles for MBA graduates
  • October 5, 2023
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Top industries and job roles for MBA graduates

Adobe, Flipkart, Amazon, McKinsey & Co., and TCS are some of the companies recruiting MBA graduates in India at a higher rate. For those students who choose their specialization in functional or sector management, the demand to acquire better job positions with the best packages is what is the objective of some. Only a few students choose entrepreneurship as their career where they need to have some managerial skills. Thus, the MBA business schools in Tamil Nadu understand today’s market demand and ensure they get the necessary experiences and knowledge to sustain in today’s industry. Let’s discuss the top industries and job roles that an MBA can look for.

Top Job Roles for MBA Graduates:

Finding employment after earning an MBA is more difficult than before. However, because of the competition in the industry, it is essential to work hard to carve out a safe and stable position. Here are some top in Demand Job Roles in MBA are:
  • Strategy
  • Project management
  • Business development
  • Product development
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Analytics & Data Science
Here are some of the job roles which are in high-demand management roles today. However, there is quantitative work which continues to expand and grow. The students need to acknowledge their preferences and sectors while pursuing the best MBA colleges in Sivakasi and develop skills based on today’s recruiting strategies. Let’s discuss the industries where MBA graduates can opt to work.

Top in Demand Industries for MBA:


Fast Moving Consumer Goods are the largest sector in India’s economy. MBA graduates have the opportunities to establish their careers in various departments including marketing, human resources, supply chain management, and logistics. There are high chances for graduates from top business schools to enter this sector with their managerial skills.


Banking is always in demand for MBA graduates not only in India but also all over the world. If your specialisation in MBA is finance, then you can apply for private banks which offer the best package and benefits. Now the best colleges for an MBA in finance have a placement offering from various banking sectors which benefits the students who want to hire in the banking industry.

Manufacturing Industries:

It has seen manufacturing industries for engineers but the strategies have changed and the recruiting of MBA graduates. Manufacturing units need more techno-savvy experts to maintain the supply chain, logistics, and administration where the MBA graduates are high in demand. Therefore, graduates can also consider this industry while deciding on their future careers.

IT Sector:

This sector is ideal for computer science graduates and MCA whereas MBA graduates can fulfil the position of managing the departments in corporate. Freshers and experienced MBAs can choose this sector for the role of project manager and team manager.

Health Care:

The pharmaceuticals are also part of the healthcare industry. MBA graduates pursuing any specialization like human resources, finance, or administration can have opportunities in the healthcare industry.

Retail Management:

MBA graduates can get higher positions in retail management as the companies are earning good profits and the market is expanding. Therefore, MBA graduates can have positions whose specializations in marketing are in demand also with the logistics and administration departments.


This sector provides a chance for MBA graduates for all specifications. As some companies may require seasonal job positions or temporary positions, the consultant service would be beneficial. Mostly, the HR services can outsource such consultants if they have less headcount to fill the place for a certain period.


eCommerce is a part of the retail industry where users use this platform to achieve their needs. And large and small business entrepreneurs depend on this sector. There are various ranges of products introduced in the markets to meet the competitive rates. And the increase of online shopping is becoming fashionable in today’s cities. The need for MBA graduates is highly impacted and requires their services in terms of HR, marketing, planning and strategies, and finance management. You can expect better salary packages from this sector.

Consumer Durables:

MBA graduates have a variety of employment opportunities available to them, including roles in consumer durables. Businesses require MBA graduates to work for positions in marketing and to support areas like HR, administration, and accounts.


Various colleges offer the best executive MBA programs in Tamil Nadu making it easier for students who desire to work abroad. There are high chances for MBA graduates where they can choose positions like sales managers, marketing heads, and delivery manager departments at automobile dealers.

Media Sector:

There are several options for students in both the public and private sectors. MBA graduates can keep an eye out for job openings in print, broadcast, internet, etc. Media executive, digital advertising specialist, channel head, TV producer, and many other positions are just a few of the popular careers in this field.