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 Is Pursuing a Certification Course with Your MBA Degree Can Set Your Career?
  • March 6, 2024
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 Is Pursuing a Certification Course with Your MBA Degree Can Set Your Career?

Career enhancement and continuous learning are important in today’s job market if you want to stay ahead in the field. The top MBA colleges in Tamil nadu provide the required knowledge to begin your career whereas the certification courses assist the students to upgrade their career path. MBA specialization offers better advantages from earning high salary packages, better management positions, developing a strong professional network or even launching your own company. However, you can stay competitive when you’re familiar with the recent trends and techs in your field with the certification courses. This article highlights the importance and courses today’s MBA professionals can acquire to stay competitive.

Benefits of certification course with your MBA degree:

  • It provides a competitive advantage where professional certifications assist in standing out from the crowd. After completing your MBA degree, you can discover various career options and be able to seize the opportunity in today’s competitive market.
  • When individuals focus on advanced learning and gain market-demanding skills with the certification courses, then it helps employees save labour resources with less training and yields better productivity.
  • The immediate benefit of being a professional is earning potential where you can look forward which you can obtain from better raises and incentives in the future. Thus, certification courses are essential to consider in your MBA specializations.
  • Certification courses for specialized domains make a strong foundation which helps you to work and learn different streams and also help firms meet their objectives.
  • Showcasing superiority, professionalism and awareness about today’s market demand which you can acquire from the certification courses. Since small businesses are emerging looking for proficient employees to distinguish the brand.
  • Remember, you need to keep certifications up to date and relevant which makes the best out in your field. Let’s discuss some of the certification courses you can try before completing your degree.

Certification courses for MBA degree:

  1. HR analytics: In the data-driven world and with advancements in analytics with the leaps and limits, HR analytics courses are becoming popular. If you choose HR certification courses, you can also prefer other courses like organizational behaviour, and regulatory compliance among others. These courses are available online.
  2. Business analytics certificate program: This course is usually offered in Harvard Business School online and many other colleges which are highly designed for the MBA in business analytics. In this course, you can learn today’s trending topics like data analysis, visualization, predictive analysis and statistical modelling.
  3. Financial Analyst: The certification courses where you can focus on clearing these certification courses and be able to get into sectors like investment banking, portfolio management, wealth management and research analysis.
  4. Financial modelling: Advancing your career in credit ranking analysis, financial analysis, project finance or fund management, equity analysis or investment banking, then you can start these certification courses in financial modeling by CFI
  5.  Social marketing certifications: If you want to shape the conversation around the business, build loyalty, and attract new customers or partners, then you can learn social advertising courses like marketing leadership, Google Analytics IQ certification, business social etc.
  6.  Digital marketing certification: Polish your knowledge of search engines, social media, email and other websites which connect effectively with prospective customers and analyze campaigns, content and strategy to understand which is working and which is not. You can learn Google AdWords, YouTube certification, Machine learning, Google Analytics, and Digital Marketing.
  7.  Six Sigma certification: If you choose to begin a career in operations, process management and quality control which ensures your existing skills and pursue the certification. This will help improve the production processes, detect the risks and errors, and guarantee quality in the business process.
  8. CPIM certification: This program is recognized as the standard of professional competence in materials management, forecasting, production planning and how it applies to extended supply chains. This certification can be acquired from APICS whereas other courses like Certified Supply Chain Professionals, Certified Logistics, Transportation and Distribution and Supply Chain Operation Reference Professional which is preferred for the supply chain community.
  9. Risk management assurance certification: This is exclusively for the students pursuing an MBA in finance when their dream is to become an advisor in an auditing committee.  It helps to gain knowledge of core business processes and governance which focus on the organizational risks. This certification course is provided by the Institute of Internal Auditors, and you can assess yourself before enrolling on this course and take proper practice.

To conclude, there are various certification courses available widely specifically for industries and fields. According to your specialization and firm demand you can choose the certification courses. Whether you’re pursuing the best B schools in Tamil Nadu or working professionals, you can balance your studies and job along with the online certification classes. Sometimes, the certification courses are expensive based on the program, duration and institution provided, you can apply for. This way you can get formal recognition which can boost your professional credibility and job prospects.