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From class to career: What jobs can you get in data analytics?
  • March 6, 2024
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From class to career: What jobs can you get in data analytics?

Data is turned into assets whether it is big data, small data, unstructured data or structured data which companies want to leverage to make better decisions. The increase of vast data requires management, thus, data analytics becoming a common and promising career. Even the average person can create, capture and store massive amounts of data every day and what will you do with this data? This data analytics role explains and explores positions and specialization paths where you can build your data analytics career. This article highlights the reasons, and careers available in data analytics when you intend to begin your career in data analytics.

Reasons to begin your career in data analytics:

  • Discover the various types of roles within the field of analytics from data analysts to data engineers. It means you are able to fit any of the roles if you have the required skills and interests.
  • Analytics requires good technical skills, if you are good at technology and know how to use tools, then this career is fit for you.
  • Experts who are contributing to the business in making the data-driven decisions which help to achieve the firms’ objectives.
  • Progressing in this industry is likely to discover new career advancements from professionals starting as freshers to management positions.
  • Now data analysis is an increasingly secure job since they are the assets of organizations and the demand for analytical professionals continues to grow.

Top careers in Data Analytics for MBA professionals:

There are various career opportunities available in data analytics since industries and companies run with technology support require data analysis. When you have expertise and skill in data analysis or completed your degree in MBA data analytics colleges in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, then you can find diverse job positions which suit your skill sets. Let’s discuss it in detail.

  • Data analyst: It is one of the positions which is required in every industry. The main role of a data analyst is to look for the data and analysis made according to the business needs. Once a data analyst gets into any specific industry, then they are responsible for collecting and deriving patterns through the industry’s data. Similarly, each industry has an analyst with a unique role in extracting information. However, the skills required for data analyst are programming, statistics and data visualization.
  • Consultant: A consultant also performs similar jobs as a data analyst whereas the primary role of a data analytics consultant is to provide advice to the firm or company which makes them see from different perspectives and prepare better plans for development. They have the opportunity to provide consultation to more than one company at the same time. Therefore, consultants need to be focused on the data of various companies and able to work with better clarity of data to enhance the business performance.
  • Marketing analyst: Now digitalisation has grown to new heights which makes the marketing sector acquire the data analysis service. Now the digital marketing sector widely uses standard tools from the internet to acquire the data. In the case of bigger projects, the marketing managers require the marketing analyst to provide valuable insights instead of using online resources or tools. The position of marketing analyst requires the skills to think from various possibilities and be able to create smart ideas which help the client in marketing.
  • Data Engineer: Data engineers who work on scattered data and transform it into comprehensible and analysable insights. This data is further processed which is used by data analysts and marketing analysts. Since the data needs to be gathered from different sources and compiled. They have various roles to perform like maintenance, design and creation to provide the compiled list. Therefore, it is necessary to have technical skills which include programming languages, cloud computing and data visualization.
  • Financial data analyst: This financial data analyst has an important role in the company or business where they can assist the clients in making well-informed, smart investment solutions. Therefore, a financial data analyst needs to acquire the data on the contemporary market scenario, product value and financial ability of the prospects. It is crucial for the financial data analyst to provide the optimum insights which benefit the client financially. Therefore, for this position, an analyst requires statistical, mathematical and strong analytical skills. Usually, you can find the vacancy for this position in government projects, companies or sectors which require investment solutions.
  • Operation analyst: It is similar to its name suggests where the analysis is performed at the operational level in the business. The operational analyst has the opportunity to work as a data consultant. The primary tasks of the operational analyst are to perform the internal framework of the business and to understand how well they manage the business. You can get to work in this position in the sectors like manufacturing, production and distribution departments.

The other possible career in data analytics includes:

  • Research Analyst
  • Risk analyst
  • Business intelligence analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Software engineer
  • Data visualization engineer
  • Quantitative analyst

If you choose to pursue data analytics in top MBA colleges in Tamil Nadu, then explore the opportunities available and develop your skill sets to have a stable and secure career.