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Cryptocurrency and blockchain: Emerging opportunities in finance and beyond
  • November 9, 2023
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Cryptocurrency and blockchain: Emerging opportunities in finance and beyond

Do you also find cryptocurrency and blockchain are similar? It is a half-truth. It means that blockchain technology is a fundamental technology behind cryptocurrency. The rise of blockchain technology is visible and has great potential in deciding how we do business. In the world of finance, these two techs are continuously evolving. And those who choose the best colleges for an MBA in finance, it is necessary to be aware of the new technologies that have great influence on the finance industry. In this article, you can explore what are blockchain technologies that create opportunities in the finance industry.

What do you know about the blockchain?

In the finance industry, a protocol developed as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system which became the development for distributed ledgers called blockchains. It allows a person to transfer money to another without the gateway of any bank or financial provider.

It is like a worldwide spreadsheet or ledger utilized by people anywhere around the world where it runs on a computer that does not have a centralized database. It means blockchain is public where anyone can view and access based on the network. It is encrypted and uses public and private keys to sustain virtual privacy and security.

Cryptocurrency in today’s digital world:

Decentralized digital currency relies on cryptography to secure transactions over the Internet. It operates blockchain technology and the well-known cryptocurrency is bitcoin. In India, the bitcoin market capitalization intends to hit new heights in future. Emerging trends like DeFi, an alternative to traditional financial services make better opportunities. And the finance market evolves with this technology and incorporates new features, applications, birth of new cryptocurrencies. However, this transformation of the financial environment results in high agreement costs and a reduction of innovation.

Industries benefit from Blockchain and cryptocurrency:

Blockchain and cryptocurrency began to interrupt traditional industries from finance to supply chain management. Now the financial industry incorporates the ledger technology as it is a reliable database. Digital money now increasingly spreads worldwide and it overlaps the banking industry’s old technology. This is also because of the utilization of smartphones making it easier for users to use these digital financial products. Virtual currencies are the future where now public sectors are paying attention to the innovations to develop blockchain technology.
The management of cryptocurrency has had a great impact and reshaped various sectors from finance to healthcare. Let’s discuss this in detail.
  • In the finance industry, the blockchain gives better options and assistance in breaking the challenges in traditional banking or financial institutions. With this technology, there are no intermediates, a reduction of transaction costs, which also supports cross-border transactions. There are various benefits from these blockchain technologies including smart contracts available, self-executing agreements, the potential to automate complex financial processes, and the reduction of fraudulent and human errors.
  • Now, blockchain in supply chain management is a game changer because it allows users to have end-to-end visibility of products, tracking the orders or products and authenticating their origins. This transparency in supply chain management enhances the trust among the stakeholders and clients, and fraud ensures product quality. With the option of tracking the goods and products, from raw materials to the delivery of goods, consumers can find safety and security.
  • In the healthcare industry, you can find the various benefits of blockchain technologies that include the safe storage of patient records, facilitating data sharing among authorized parties, and improving patient care and research. This ensures healthcare industries hold control over patient health records which can be shared and rechecked, if required.
  • Blockchain technology enhances the voting and identity systems which improves the integrity and security of elections and prevents tampering or altering the voting records. This secure way reduces identity theft and is able to manage digital identities.
  • NFTs are becoming common in the digital world. It means transforming digital art, collectables and even real estate into unique tradable assets. It creates new options for creators and investors.
Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are essential trends that are transforming the digital world. It paves the way to reshape the industries, decentralise power, and transparency. It also comes with challenges like regulation and scalability issues.


This confirms today’s generation who likes to start businesses or enthusiasts should be aware of these latest developments in the field. When you pursue an MBA program in supply chain management or finance in the best business schools in Tamil Nadu you can get an idea and insights on how these trends contribute to the future. You can say that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are two financial instruments that represent how to trust and value digital networks. However, there needs to be more research and discoveries regarding the shortcomings of using these technologies. You can see that career possibilities when you embrace the technologies where it has a digital way of transaction, collaboration and data security.